Krampus Christmas, the Alternate Clause. Bringing you the German Santa

How did an evil Christmas monster ever become one of Santa’s “little” helpers?

Santa Claus. A generous man who during Christmas time is known to reward good behavior with toys and treats. And punish bad behavior with Coal.

But is there a darker, scarier, alter ego prowling the world in search of naughtiness to mete out harsher penalties?

Krampus was born in the Bavarian Alps nearly a thousand years ago. Named Claw in High German, he is often depicted riding Shotgun with Santa.

After a hundred generations of Pagan storytelling, the Christians got their Talons into Krampus and bound him in chains. He was given his own night on December 5th to strike down the naughty children in fury and blood soaked vengeance. In a forgiving Christian manner of course.

And if they were really bad, the demon would stuff them into the basket he carried on his back and take them down to hell.

In the late 1800’s, with the invention of color printing. German-speaking people around the world started mailing friends and children postcards with Krampus on them. And most of them would have that ominous message. GRUSS VON KRAMPUS. Which means, Greetings From Krampus. The message intended to warn children to be good, or Santa’s frightening brother would visit them.

Krampus went into hiding when the fascists rose to power. Popular holiday parties called “Krampus Balls”, and images of Krampus became verboten in Austria and Germany.

Immediately after the war Krampus became more interested in the naughty mothers of children.

Today in America, Krampus is becoming more and more popular. With the celebration of Krampus Laufs, which resemble the Zombie walks of Halloween. Hundreds of Krampuses rampage through the streets on KrampusNachte.

With election season approaching and being forced to choose between evil politicians. I propose we put Krampus on the ballot.

wishing you a very Krampus Christmas from the Evil Santa.


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